Cork / Kerry Coolmine Community-Based Drug & Alcohol Hubs: Request for Tender

Request for Tender
Independent External Evaluation of Cork / Kerry Coolmine Community-Based Drug & Alcohol Hubs

About Cork / Kerry Coolmine Community- Based Drug & Alcohol Hubs

In 2017/18, the SRDATF and CLDATF commissioned a review of current service delivery of community-based drug and alcohol services against the background of policy developments described in the National Drug & Alcohol Strategy 2017-25, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery, developments within social inclusion and health service delivery and the changing socio-demographic of the Region.

Following an Expression of Interest and interview process, Coolmine was appointed as the service provider. A partnership comprising Coolmine, HSE Addiction Services, SRDATF and CLDATF was set up to collaboratively set up, manage, support, provide, and monitor quality drug and alcohol services across the region to meet presenting needs. The ‘Hubs’ are located in Tralee (Kerry), Mallow (North Cork), Midleton (East Cork), Cork City North, Cork City South and Ahiohill (West Cork). While these are the central locations, satellite locations provide for outreach and ‘closer-to-home’ services.

Hubs are community-based services where people, families or communities who are concerned about or have challenges with drugs and/or alcohol can avail of seamless, high-quality, multi-agency, multidisciplinary professional addiction treatment services.

Objectives and Tender Requirements

HSE Drug & Alcohol Services in Cork/Kerry along with the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force (CLDATF) and the Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force (SRDATF) are seeking to award a contract for the evaluation of six Cork / Kerry Coolmine Community-Based Drug & Alcohol Hubs.

The purpose of the tender is to provide an objective evaluation with recommendations to HSE Drug & Alcohol Services in Cork/Kerry and members of the CLDATF & SRDATF.

It is expected that through appropriate methodologies including interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders* the successful researcher will provide HSE Drug & Alcohol Services in Cork & Kerry/ CLDATF / SRDATF with a full evaluation report, along with recommendations containing:

  • An evaluation of the inputs/ processes and outcomes of Coolmine Community –Based Hubs across the region (2 Cork City, 3 Cork County and 1 Kerry).
  • The evaluation will make recommendations on how best to maximise the engagement of these Community-Based Hubs with people / families and communities adversely affected by drugs and alcohol misuse.
  • An evaluation of the extent to which the original aims and objectives of the agreed position paper between HSE Drug & Alcohol Services in Cork/Kerry, CLDATF, SRDATF & Coolmine have been met.
  • Gaps and blocks as identified by the evaluation.
  • An assessment as to whether the hubs are meeting the aims of the National Drug & Alcohol Strategy 2017-25, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery.

*Key stakeholders include;

  1. People, family and community members who are concerned about or have challenges with drugs and/or alcohol who attend or have attended Coolmine.
  2. Coolmine Hubs managers, team leaders, staff and volunteers.
  3. HSE Cork/Kerry Community Healthcare employees.
  4. Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force members and team.
  5. Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force members and team.
  6. Voluntary treatment services in the region.
  7. Homeless services in the region.
  8. Probation services in the region.
  9. Acute Hospital employees in the region.
  10. Youth organisations in the region.
  11. Tusla employees in the region.
  12. Education Training Board’s in the region.
  13. Garda representatives in the region.

Essential requirements

Researchers wishing to submit a proposal shall meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Proven track record in conducting research in the field of social inclusion.
  • Experience of doing research based on drug and alcohol projects is desirable.

Scoring mechanism and shortlisting

The purpose of these criteria is to determine whether a researcher has the necessary technical and professional capacity to carry out the tasks. Researchers must provide evidence in the submission of technical and professional capacity.

  • Qualifications and Experience – 20%
  • Approach and Methodology – 30%
  • Experience of conducting drug and alcohol research – 30%
  • Price – 20%

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest should be submitted and contain the following information:

  • Background information with C.V.
  • Outline of the evaluation approach and methodology to undertake the assignment.
  • Work and time plan including the scheduling of main activities and time inputs required.
  • Detailed experience in this field as per the tender requirements.
  • A detailed breakdown of the proposed fee and (including Vat)
  • Details of two relevant references for contracts undertaken within the last five years, in this area (We will not contact your references without prior knowledge).

Additional tendering information-

Conflict of Interest

  • Researchers must disclose in their submissions details of any circumstances past or present, including personal, financial and business activities that will, or might, give rise to any conflict of interest associated with this proposal.


  • Proposal should not exceed €18,000 (including VAT and Expenses).
  • A detailed breakdown of the proposed fee and (including Vat).
  • HSE Drug & Alcohol Services in Cork/Kerry, CLDATF & SRDATF will not be liable in respect of any costs incurred by researchers in the preparation of tenders.


  • The details of payment will be agreed with the selected researcher in advance of the research commencing.

Tax Clearance

  • The successful researcher must provide a valid Tax Clearance issued by the Irish Revenue Commissioners or the relevant tax authority in the researcher’s jurisdiction for the duration of the contract.


  • Researcher(s) must confirm that they hold suitable professional insurance at application stage. Proof of same will be required as part of reference checks.


  • In their role, the successful researcher will be party to confidential and sensitive information regarding organisations, staff, members and people concerned about or who have challenges with drugs and/or alcohol. They are required to ensure that all such documentation is held in a safe and secure manner and treated with the strictest of confidence.


  • Deadline for submission – Friday 5th January 2024 at 12pm.
  • Interview/ Presentation of shortlisted researchers – Week commencing 15th January 2024.
  • Confirmation of successful candidate – Week commencing 22nd January 2024.
  • Evaluation & Recommendations Friday 3rd May 2024.

Tender Submission

  • Interested researchers should submit proposal by Friday 5th January 2024 at 12pm to with subject heading Coolmine Evaluation Tender Submission.

For further details please contact: