Launch of Strengthening Families Site Coordinator Support Pack

The Cork & Kerry Strengthening Families Programme Steering Committee launched the Site Coordinator Support Pack on 16th June 2015. The committee which was developed to bring the Pilot Strengthening Families Programme to Cork in 2007 and has run a number of programmes in Cork since 2007 developed a Site Coordinator Support Pack. SFP originated in the USA and it was adapted for delivery in Ireland since its initial launch in 2007. A lot of work has been undertaken in relation to the development of the programme since then, in particular listening to feedback from programme coordinators, facilitators and participants. The steering committee identified a need for knowledge transfer between programmes and site coordinators regarding best practice. The purpose of the support pack and associated workshop guides is to assist site coordinators through the process of programme implementation leveraging the knowledge, experience and best practice garnered through the roll out of previous programmes.

For further information on the Strengthening Families Programme such as what the programme is, contents, benefits to families and, how to refer families on to the programme please click the following link and see leaflet.

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