National Award – Integrated Care

On 18th October the CSPD’s second Integrated Care event took place in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. The theme was ‘Journey to Person-Centred Integrated Care: New Ways of Working’.  The aim to expose participants to new ways of working in the context of a person-centred, integrated care framework, and exploring how roles are developing nationally and internationally. It was a crucial step in the ongoing journey to integrated care and part of the first phase of engagement with front-line staff.

Some 380 participants included over 250 front line service providers. In addition, academic institutions, training bodies and users/carers were important participants. The forum provided a unique opportunity to be part of the journey and discussion on how the integration of care programmes will change the way we deliver health and social care services.

It was an opportunity for participants to discuss and share ‘new ways of working’ in the context of a person-centred, integrated care framework and to explore how roles are developing nationally and internationally.

The rationale behind the Forum was to start a conversation amongst health service providers, service user representatives and CSPD that allowed common ground to be found around what person-centred, integrated care means from a user perspective.

55 Posters were presented at the event representing projects and activities that push the boundaries of current service provision, and demonstrate innovation in person-centred co-ordinated care, management and practice in Ireland.

And the winner is…

We are delighted to announce that the winning poster was ‘Successful application of a cross-sectoral integrated care approach to addiction and homeless services – the experience of HSE South’.

Congratulations to: Joe Kirby, Dr Aileen Kitching; David Lane; Aileen O’Connor, Francis Russell and Rebecca Loughry.

Integrated Care Presentation Poster - HSE South