‘Strengthening the Community’ – A Talk by John Lonergan

As part of Cork Drug & Alcohol Awareness Month, former Cork Prison Governor, John Lonergan will give a public address on ‘The Importance of Community, Making a Difference to Others and Drugs & Alcohol in Our Society’.

The event, organised by Foroige, takes place at The Kerrigan, Tyrell Youth Centre, Tinkers Cross, Mayfield on Monday October 10th at 12.00 p.m.

John entered the prison service in 1968 and in the years that followed he saw human nature at its worst and often, unexpectedly, at its best.  He developed a deep understanding of both human nature and Irish society.

Now after 42 years, 24 of them as the most senior prison officer in the country, John focuses on issues like making a difference to others, the importance of community, why we can’t enforce change on others, drugs in our society, confronting bullying in our society, reducing the risk of suicide, balancing our lives between work, home and family and why sport is so important.

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